June Serenity Blog Circle - Back Country Drives

Something I used to do more of was hop in my car and go explore the back roads in the area around Calgary. It’s truly amazing how if you just get away from the main thorough fares, you find a quieter and slower pace of life. You don’t have to go far to find that serenity and peacefulness.

Calgary and Alberta are known worldwide for our Rocky Mountains, but there is so much beauty in our foothills and prairies as well. This is one of the things I love about where I live - if I drive in one direction I can be in the awe inspiring Rocky Mountains. If I head in another direction, I can explore the rolling hills of ranch land and green pastures. Head yet another way and I can enjoy the patchwork of farming fields and the huge blue Alberta sky.

Last week another photographer friend and I had plans to head south of the city to see what views we could find during golden hour. We strongly debated whether to stick to our plan as a big storm had rolled through around the dinner hour and we didn’t know what kind of light we’d get. We decided to go for it hoping the remaining storm clouds would provide some sunset drama.

As we drove, I spied some red barns around a turn, so we backed up and followed that road. When we stepped out of the car, the peacefulness hit us. No sound other than bird song and cows calling to us. Serenity found!

These friendly locals greeted us upon our arrival.

Our reason for stopping!

Close to sunset we tried this location. Just a simple pullout on the road to give us the views. It wasn’t looking hopeful, but then the sun gave us a little show.

Rocky Mountains in the distance

Layer of foothills stretching out to meet the Rocky Mountains

And across the gravel road, more of the friendly locals!

I’d say it was worth taking the chance on the weather. The calm felt as we took in our beautiful, amazing world so close to home was good for the soul.

The Serenity Project is a collaborative photography project featuring images that bring a sense of peace and calm. Please continue our circle to to see what has brought my friends serenity this month.

Next in the circle is Jillian Baudry, a South of France photographer.

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July Serenity Circle - Serenity in Sunrise

I am not a morning person - I really really wish I was.  

Earlier this month, I found myself awake at 5 am and happened to look out the window and see all the misty fog laying low over the ground.  I had a short internal debate with myself about whether to crawl back into my cozy bed or grab my gear and head out to the back field to try and capture the beauty of the foggy sunrise.  The sunrise won! I could nap later. 

The fact that I could just go into my own backyard made the decision pretty easy.  I didn't even have to brush my teeth! No drive to a shooting location, fighting for a spot! 

It was worth missing a little sleep.  It was peaceful watching the sky change, listening to the birds and seeing the dew before it evaporated in the warmth of the sun. 

Click on the images to see a larger version. 

one of the old horse shelters, no longer used

Waking up and drying off.

looking away from the sun

The Serenity Project is a collaborative photography project featuring images that bring a sense of peace and calm. Please continue the circle to Wendy May in Scotland to see what has brought her serenity this month.